Driving Opportunities

Driving jobs involve operating various types of vehicles to transport people, goods, or materials from one location to another. These jobs play a crucial role in the economy, transportation industry, and various sectors such as logistics, delivery, public transportation, and more. The specific responsibilities and requirements for driving jobs can vary widely based on the type of vehicle and the industry in which the job is located.

To excel in a driving job, individuals should have good driving skills, a strong sense of responsibility, the ability to work independently, and a commitment to safety. Additionally, some positions may require specific licenses and certifications.

Employment Type


Recycling HGV Driver/Loader

Competitve per Year
Closing Date: 31/08/2024

Refuse LGV Driver/ Loader

Exeter, Devon
Competitive per Hour
Closing Date: 31/07/2024

HGV Class 2 Drivers


Closing Date: 30/06/2024

Class 2 Loader Driver

Exeter, Devon
£14 per Hour
Closing Date: 30/06/2024

Refuse HGV Driver/ Loader

£12.42 per Hour
Closing Date: 30/06/2024